Rebecca Antrim Neurodiversity Consultancy
Proud to be a ND in Business Community Partner

 Neurodiversity consultancy can help you to create an inclusive workplace which contributes to building a more neurodivergent friendly world.

What is neurodiversity? Neurodiversity in a nutshell encompasses the differences in brain function and behavioural traits across society. Society as a whole is neurodiverse.

What is neurodivergence? Neurodivergence encompasses a range of conditions affecting brain function and behavioural traits that are different from what is considered the norm (aka neurotypical). This includes things like ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Tourette Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Prader Willi Syndrome, social anxiety, sensory processing issues and many more. The focus of this particular service is on autism and ADHD, but that does not mean that other people cannot benefit.

Neurodivergence is not just a passing fad or ‘trendy’.

It’s not that there are ‘suddenly’ more neurodivergent (ND) people, rather that more neurodiversity awareness has helped people to access the right information to help them to learn about and understand themselves at last.

It’s not just a legal and moral obligation to make an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace for all. With understanding and collaboration, together, we can create a more innovative and forward-thinking organisation…which is also good for business! 

Alongside opening up exciting new possibilities for your company, it shows your commitment to positively supporting disabled people (it’s likely you already employ ND talent and might not even realise). Being inclusive is beneficial to all, staff, visitors and customers alike.

Utilising this discreet and confidential service is also a great way for you to support neurodivergent employees who might not feel ready or able to disclose their diagnosis to you but could still benefit greatly from support. There are small (and usually inexpensive) changes that you can make to make their working life easier and more productive without the need or pressure for them to disclose. In fact, it demonstrates to them that you are a safe employer to share with if they wish to.

While neurodivergent people experience challenges, with the right conditions and support, they may even be better at a particular job than someone who is not autistic (for example, Auticon mainly employ autistic people, and I think you’ll agree, they’re doing rather well!).  

By working with me, not only can you provide a more inclusive environment for your neurodivergent employees, but your wider staff can also benefit from these changes, making for a more productive and innovative workforce overall, as well as creating a more pleasant, welcoming and inclusive environment for customers and visitors.  

I was inspired to create this service after successfully freelancing for NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire via the ICS (Integrated Care System) on their Sensory Friendly Environments project, where I have provided sensory assessments for GP surgeries, medical centres and hospital departments across the county.

I offer the following services, which can be accessed as a complete package, or combined for a bespoke offering (services not listed here can be explored as a potential offering, just let me know what you need):

  • Autism awareness training for staff and volunteers 
  • ADHD awareness training for staff and volunteers 
  • Management training on how to recruit, retain and support neurodivergent employees 
  • A policy and procedures audit (with subsequent report) to ensure that your policies and procedures are inclusive and neurodivergent friendly
  • An assessment of your premises (with subsequent report) to ensure that they are accessible and inclusive in terms of neurodivergence and sensory considerations (Creating a sensory friendly working environment for staff customers and visitors benefits anyone with any sensory difficulties, not just autistic people). 
  • Provision of and training in support and needs plans to use with neurodivergent staff (again, non-neurodivergent staff may also benefit from these). 
  • Anonymous employee survey to gain a snapshot of current inclusivity and gather employee feedback 
  • 1:1 sessions with me for staff to explore possible neurodivergence and assessment/diagnostic pathway

If I am already working with you via 1:1 sessions, I can provide supporting letters for those seeking assessment/diagnosis (at my discretion) at no extra cost, as I am committed to further reducing barriers to assessment/diagnosis.

Contact me to book a free, no obligation video call to discuss your needs.