Online therapy for autistic/ADHD women who are facing life changes and feeling stuck or lost in life.

Supporting you to make positive changes that help create an empowered, fulfilling and meaningful future through personal growth and investment in your wellbeing.

 Hello, I’m rebecca

A bacp registered therapist and ctaa accredited coach and therapist, with lived experience of autism and ADHD

My mission is to empower and inspire autistic/ADHD women who are feeling stuck, or lost in life, to reconnect with themselves.

Work with me to discover and access your inner resources, which will enable you to move forward from the past and live more authentically, creating the life and future that you have dreamt of.

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Please note: this is not a crisis service

Why Consider Online Counselling/Therapy?

While not for everybody, online counselling (also known as online therapy, e-therapy, e-counselling, teletherapy, or cyber-counselling) offers the opportunity to access a safe space for exploration, introspection, and reflection with the convenience of working online. You can access secure video sessions, or if you prefer, you can use a secure live chat option, which is especially useful if you are accessing the service from somewhere you do not wish to be overheard.

As well as the more obvious benefits of traditional therapy, online services are a great option for people with accessibility needs, and those living in remote areas and it can save time and money spent travelling and reduce time taken off work for accessing appointments. 

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A great big thank you! Despite some initial resistance, I sought counselling for two utterly life changing events. I feel that the counselling I received from Rebecca was excellent, even though it was on-line. She was very understanding towards my situation. I especially liked how she would tailor my sessions to suit me and my needs rather than making the time feel generic. I don’t think I would have gained as much as I did with anyone else, and I can’t thank her enough for this.

Rebecca Ashton is an incredible therapist! She remembers everything you tell her and sends useful exercises to practice which will immediately target the source of the problem. Her warm and engaging presence makes you feel at home and comfortable in sharing. She is a great listener! I have made a lot of personal breakthroughs since working with her, and I feel like I have a better understanding of myself all because of Rebecca.

Rebecca is instantly a very warm and understanding person and made me feel comfortable from the start! She has helped me already after just 3 sessions start to see ahead more clearly and I look forward to progressing with her 🙂

Please note: this is not a crisis service

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